Jordan Liberty

Meagan Weaver Photography

Welcome to The Liberty List!

I’m Jordan Liberty, a former Sooner residing in Dallas, Texas, with major love for food, wine, and clothing in a variety of neutral color palettes.

For some crazy reason, my career-required writing wasn’t quite enough for me, and I found myself looking for an additional creative outlet. Now, I look forward to unleashing whatever recipe or project is on my mind on you people every week! When I’m not working, you can usually find me in the kitchen or the yoga studio.  I also have an uncanny talent for designing special event hashtags. Seriously. Try me.

I created The Liberty List because 1. Why not put that last name to good use? and 2. I love writing, cooking and creating, and am working on my iPhone photography and amateur food styling skills.

Take a look around – I hope you enjoy!

xo, Jordan