Honeymoon Recap: Florence

I’m beyond excited to share my Florence recap with you! We completely fell in love with this city and its Tuscan wine. In fact, we just received our first shipment Brunello and I’m not sure I can wait until this weekend to open a bottle.


Visiting La Fornace in Montalcino for some delicious Brunello! Dress: Anthropologie.

Also, the Italian food continued to impress…and I didn’t even capture all of the amazing dishes we tried! One of our favorite lunches is missing from the recap photos. It was just THAT good, you guys. I miss the Italian countryside so much just looking at our photos!


Exploring the Boboli Gardens. Dress: Anthropologie. Bag: J. Crew.

Day one: We discovered our new favorite way to travel – by high speed train. Relaxing and efficient! Upon arriving in Florence, we immediately sought out pizza for lunch. We ended up at Gusto Leo, a restaurant we visited twice during our stay in Florence because it had good food, an intimate and friendly atmosphere, and was just around the corner from our hotel. We immediately noticed that Florence was SUPER walkable and we got very ambitious. First on the agenda, the Boboli Gardens. The gardens did not disappoint – we spent hours taking it all in until we paused for a couple of glasses of wine. Next, we headed to Piazzale Michelango. We got our workout in climbing the staircase to the piazza so we could continue eating our way through Italy, and the view was totally worth it. We ate dinner at Trattoria Giovanni and enjoyed some of the best wine we’d had on the trip (until day three in Florence, that is). We dined on shared plates including truffle pasta, tagliatelle with boar ragout (Hunter), roasted potatoes, spinach gnudi, and an extra side of spinach for good measure.


Pizza and caprese salad at Gusto Leo.


A little bit of Dallas in Italy.




Boboli Gardens.


Boboli Gardens.


View from the top at Piazzale Michelangelo. Magic!


Truffle pasta, spinach, potatoes, and gnudi at Trattoria Giovanni.


Hunter’s boar!

Day two: Rise and shine early for tour day! We saw some beautiful things on day two. We began at the Accademia Gallery where we saw Michelangelo’s famous David, then continued on to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore, Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza Santa Croce, and finally the Uffizi Gallery. We took a quick lunch break before the Uffizi, which included a salad for me (not pictured, needed my greens), and a quick shopping trip to Mercato del Porcellino. We dined at La Bussola that evening with plenty of wine, a cheese board, and seafood galore. We ordered mussels, spaghetti allo scoglio and a fabulous dessert tray, naturally!


The gorgeous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.


“Gates of Paradise.”


Duomo views.




Mussels and clams at La Bussola.


Hunter digging into dessert!

Day three: My favorite day in Florence! We drove to beautiful Montalcino with our local tour guide Silvio, and spent the day tasting Tuscan wines at family-owned wineries. So perfect. We visited La Fornace, where we met the wonderful owners and their cute little dog while sampling Brunello for the first time. After La Fornace, we headed to Fattoi, then took a lunch break at a restaurant that Silvio recommended. I wish I could remember the name, or had any photos to remember it by, because the restaurant not only had a gorgeous patio, but the food was some of the most memorable of our trip (see: missing lunch mentioned earlier in this post). We finished our tour at Sesta di Sopra, where we were again able to talk with the sweet owners and tour their cellars. We ended up ordering some of Sesta di Sopra’s delicious olive oil too, which should ship in November! I can’t wait! We were exhausted after our big day of wine tasting, and simple spaghetti from Gusto Leo was the perfect cure.


Our little friend at La Fornace.


Cellars on cellars on cellars!


Check out those vines!

Florence, we love you! The next (and last) post in the honeymoon series is Venice…stay tuned!

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