New Year, New Gear + Classpass Favorites

“New Year, New You” season is in full swing and gyms everywhere are rejoicing! After partaking in many a holiday indulgence, the masses will flock to fitness studios near and far to get their January workouts on.

In light of this annual tradition, I thought I’d share some of my latest fitness essentials with you. Personally, there are few things that get me pumped up about working out like fresh new gym swag.

I’ll also share the three Classpass classes I’m currently loving…because honestly gyms can and should be avoided at all costs this month, making it the perfect time to try a Classpass membership.

First, let’s tackle the swag! Of course, comfort is key. Portability is also a priority if you often head to the gym from the office, like me (obsessed with gym bag in this roundup!)

Here are a few of my favorite workout necessities and accessories:

Links and info, of course:

Now, where will you tote your new gym gear, you ask? Let’s talk Classpass! I’m an avid Classpasser because:

  1. Variety! Classpass allows me to get my fill of yoga, pilates, spin, kickboxing, HIIT and pretty much anything else my heart desires for a reasonable monthly rate, allowing me to repurpose additional funds for aforementioned gym swag.
  2. Structured workouts. If I go to my apartment gym, chances are I’m going to haphazardly run a few miles on the treadmill, think about doing some exercises with free weights, decide against it, and retreat to my bed. Ideally, workouts will require me to be present somewhere for an hour.
  3. Amenities. With Classpass, you have access to infused waters, a variety of shower products, a diverse array of apparel, etc. While this isn’t totally necessary, it is pretty great. Exhale’s lemon and cranberry infused water was a nice touch over the holidays.

The app helps me get out of my comfort zone and switch things up from time to time, but my favorite workout will always be yoga! It’s the perfect way to end a long day. Lately, I’m loving:

  • The Beyond Studios These classes are exhausting, but SO worth it. The Lovers Lane location offers an intense reformer pilates class, and the Henderson Ave. studio is our go-to for a sweaty Sunday workout. Spend a few minutes on the Curve treadmill and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Title Boxing Club I just recently got into boxing. By no means am I a pro, but regardless it feels awesome to take my day out on a punching bag! I do recommend buying your own gloves.
  • Corepower Yoga Not your average yoga classes! My favorite is Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates cardio and weights with yoga. The studio is heated and they play hot jams, which makes a huge difference. They have limited availability on Classpass during the week, so I typically end up going on the weekend.

If you do decide to Classpass, don’t forget the cancellation policy! Those fees could seriously eat into your swag budget…$$$

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