Shopping List: TX Happy Hour

It’s possible that I’ve found my new favorite Dallas happy hour patio in Rodeo Goat.

So when G and I were discussing the venue for our next Shopping List excursion and photo shoot, Rodeo Goat was a natural fit. The patio is huge, partially covered and equipped with fans – which is oh so important in the Texas heat. It’s the home of the best veggie burger I’ve had in Dallas to-date and the “Dapper Don,” a cocktail made with Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, Cointreau, lime and honey. We had a few.


Shorts + tank: Adeline.

Also, milkshakes. A very necessary prop. Flavor details included below.

This Shopping List look is perfect for a hot Texas happy hour – wherever you’re sipping!

Rodeo Goat

How cute is this place?


Lighting on fleek. Obviously still obsessed with my Westward Leaning sunnies.


Our milkshake flavors of choice: cookies ‘n’ cream and thin mint.


Shoes: Michael Kors.


This top could not be easier. Also packing these shorts for the Fourth!

Visit Adeline for this easy outfit – the store just turned FIVE this month!

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